Bettina Gross works as a writer, translator, researcher and editor. Running her own editorial and translation service GROSS GESCHRIEBEN, she works with clients in publishing, journalism, advertising, consumer goods as well as charity.


Gross Geschrieben's services range from proof-reading to general editing and copywriting to website translating. In addition, Bettina Gross is an experienced academic writer and has helped many other academics realise their research projects and publications in writing. Before founding Gross Geschrieben, Bettina Gross lived in London and worked for the Department of Economic Affairs at the German Embassy.


Prior to that she earned a Master´s Degree (MA) in German Language and Literature as well as History and Psychology at Munich University in 1996. In previous lives she was trained and certified as a book-seller (Chamber of Industry and Commerce), taught German in Buenos Aires and worked as an edit assistant for "European Tour Weekly" (TV) at IMG Media/TWI in London.