Gross Geschrieben will check your manuscript or text carefully, correcting errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Furthermore, we will verify cross-references and apply industry-standard style.


We will also make suggestions to improve syntax and vocabulary, in addition to recommending  structural changes to improve the overall readability of the text.


Focus areas of our editing service comprise:


Book manuscripts, web-sites, brochures, text drafts, academic projects



Standard Editing


Our editing service will check your manuscript for spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistency, and clarity. We will make sure that what you have written is clearly and accurately presented, and easy to understand. If you would also like us to suggest improvements in presentation or content, we can mark these up in the text and provide a written critique/review of your work.



Rewriting/Optimisation of texts and concepts


Some manuscripts might need a complete rewrite before publication while others just need minor reworking. We offer you a complete check-up of your work regarding accuracy, structure of sentences as well as consistency of content.





Gross Geschrieben`s proof-reading service will check the proofs of your text/manuscript before it is printed in order to correct any final errors.



Manuscript Typing


As a further service, Gross Geschrieben offers to type up manuscripts in messy handwritten or typewritten form, to provide you with a meticulous typescript.